In windows 10 even more simple to configure desired connection.

Lets start from connections dial near system clock. Click once on it. In opened mini window click "Network & Internet settings".

As a result you will see settings window. In left sidebar choose VPN item , and in right part of window click "Add a VPN connection".

In this dialog fill all fields. Server name, login and password you will find under download section on our site (I used usa1 server just for example, you may chose any other from available servers). After filling this form click Save button.

After saving settings select "Change adapter options" link in bottom of window.

Right click on our new connection and select Properties.

On security tab select Type: IKEv2, Require Encryption and Authentication protocol: EAP-MSCHAP v2. Click OK for saving. And now we can connect to chosen server.

If you do not entered credentials on previous steps, you will be asked to do so:

Enter login and password obtained from our site and click OK.

This is all!

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