It easy to setup connection with modern encryption protocol in Windows 7. Just follow this steps and you will connect to our servers in few minutes.

Open control panel from windows Start menu

Select "Control Panel" from this menu and you will open this window:

In control panel select "View network status and tasks"

We need to "Set up a new connection or network", so click on this item.

In opened window select "connect to a workplace" and hit next button.

In this step you need to select option "Use my Internet Connection (VPN)"

In this window you need enter right address of our VPN server, on the screen above we typed manually germany1.vpnx.tech (list of all servers you will get on settings page). Also I decided to not connect now, because we need make some additional settings. Destination name is on you! You may name this connection as you want. Hit next when you ready.

At the settings page you will receive login and password. This login and password valid for all servers we have, so tape in this window them.

Here we click "close" button.

Next, press connections icon in windows toolbar and click "connect" on our freshly created connection.

First we need to make some changes in properties, so click "Properties" button.

Select "Security" tab and make all settings like on this pic. Type of VPN: IKEv2, Data Encryption: Require Encryption, Authentication Protocol: EAP-MSCHAP v2. After this changes click OK and we are ready to connect.

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